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The town retains its dense medieval layout of streets and alleys, with a number of buildings of great interest dating from the 15th to the 19th century.


The parish of Benenden is in the heart of the Kent countryside. The main part of the village is centered around a green where cricket is played in the summer months and is bounded by the St George’s Church, the village school, the gloriously fronted memorial hall, and the Bull public house.


Goudhurst Just over a hundred years ago a visitor to Goudhurst described the place in words that are as true today as they were at that time. “The whole neighborhood is singularly beautiful with the sylvan pastoral beauty that is England’s great characteristic. The village is straggling. Genius could scarcely have made it more irregular. It is built on the slope of an eccentric hill.


Marden is located about nine miles south of Maidstone. Marden is a thriving community of about four thousand people, with a long history dating back at least as far as Edward 1st, and is the second largest parish (in area) in Kent.


Lamberhurst is located in the beautiful Teise valley on the Kent Sussex border. The village sits in the gently rolling down land at the north western edge of the picturesque Bewl Water.

Rye (East Sussex)

Traveling westward across Romney Marsh, the distinctive outline of Rye can be seen in the distance. It rises above the level green pastures, stretching from the sea to the far hills which formed the shoreline before the marsh was drained.


The Village of Brasted lies in Kent it is one of the most beautiful counties in England and is very well known for its Antique shops. Brasted is positioned between Knole Park of Sevenoaks and Chartwell of Westerham.


Market Town and Port of Faversham, the Medieval Gem of Kent. Faversham is one of the most charming and historic towns and ports in Kent. The ancient town has hundreds of listed buildings.


There have been settlements in Hawkinge as long ago as bronze age times, but most people will probably know Hawkinge for the role it played during the second world war. Hawkinge was the closest operational airfield to occupied France and played a major role in defending our skies during the Battle of Britain.


Still a principal member of the 5 main Cinque Ports, Sandwich used to be one of the main ports in the UK. Over the centuries the river Stour gradually silted up and so today it is a small riverside town but full of history with some fine examples of medieval architecture.


Rooted in time and mentioned in the Doomsday Record, Lyminge’s origins were certainly well before Queen (and subsequently, Saint) Ethelburga (one of the founders of Christianity in this Country) put it on the map. Lyminge and North Lyminge were fused with the coming of the railway. The railway brought with it the shift of the village’s Centrex and a thriving commerce.


The Wye village web site provides information on local history and village events plus shops, services, churches, clubs and leisure activities in Wye. This site features the Wye Farmers Market, Wye Village Design Statement and newly formed Wye Youth Forum.


Staple Unlike many local community Web-Sites, Staple-Online isn’t commercially sponsored or professionally produced. It is merely the efforts of one local resident to put his village ‘On-Line’. The results may therefore appear not so polished or ‘glitzy’ as some, but I hope that this is more than made up for by the site’s content and usefulness.


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