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The Biddenden Milleniun Field

About The Biddenden Milleniun Field


The Biddenden Millennium Field is a beautiful area of Biddenden that the public are free to explore!
There is a wooded area (the Rookery) with a stream and foot bridges, Three ponds, two had dipping platforms up an to a few years ago when they were removed because of Vandalism.
At the top of the field is a seat, a Sun clock and a Direction Indicator and part way up the field are three statues carved by a local craftsman.

The Biddenden Parish Council purchased the Millennium Field on the 27th January 1998 from Ruby Edith Gadstone and Charles Alan McDonald for the sum £45,000.

The Department of Environment approved the purchase of the land and finances were secured from the Public Works Loan Board for repayment not exceeding 26 years.

A nature and conservation area of 20.5 acres adjoining Biddenden’s recreation field.

Opened with a Country Fayre on June  the 19th 1999.

In 2023 an All-Weather-Path was made that runs from the gate entrance on the A262, up through the avenue of Oak trees, infront of the Memorial trees, and into the recreation ground, where it goes towards the tennis courts past the childrens play area and joins the path on the far side.

The Millennium Field has become a haven for wildlife, with many species of Birds inhabiting the field all year round and butterflies during the summer months.   Please see the Photo Gallery for pictures of the wildlife.

Biddenden Milleniun Field

Interactive Aerial view. Discover the interesting features of the Millennium field.

Millennium Field

The Millennium Field has many interesting features. Use your mouse (or finger) to explore the map opposite to fine out more about its features.

Arial View of milleniun Field
Statues Sunclock Centre Pond The Rookery Avenue of Oak Trees Lower Pond



Two former oak trees have been carved by a local artist in Several Statues, to a Pig Seat,
a tree trunk eaten by a large wood worm and a wood carving representing man past and woman future.


Sun Clock

Sun Clock and direction indicator, Use yourself as the hand of the sunclock to tell the time by the sun.

Centre Pond

Centre Pond

One of three Ponds, the centre pond is the largest, Dipping platforms were originally added, in the year 2000, but have now been removed as they had decomposed to a bad state and had to be removed.

The Rookery


The Rookery is a wooded area with a stream running through, wooden bridges cross the stream, the wood is full of bluebells in May.

Avenue of Oak Trees

Avenue Path

The Avenue od Oak Trees runs up the lower side of the Millenium field, and in 2023 a new All-Weather-Path was made, that runs from the gate up through the Avenue of trees, in front of the memorial trees, and into the recreation ground.

Lower Pond

Lower Pond Dipping Platform

First of the Three ponds, The Lower Pond, originally with a dipping platform (but now removed.) It has some fish.

Maids Sign

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